MOBS – My Online Business Strategy Review

If you have ever dreamed of starting your own online business, and you have been looking for a step by step system to show you exactly how to succeed, Gary Gregory, the creator of M.O.B.S. aka My Online Business Strategy has designed a system to accomplish these exact tasks.

WordPress Friendly
I personally have tried so many systems where the designer of the product either advises against using WordPress, either because they claim it can only be used as a blogging platform and therefore they claim your website will only look like a blog, or they state you can use WordPress for their system but they don’t bother explaining how or the steps to do so to make the system work.

Well, you can forget that nonsense with My Online Business Strategy, because the system is completely designed around using WordPress, which is what drew me in immediately.

Completely Newbie Friendly
Gary walks you through the steps on how to go about finding a profitable niche, how to build high traffic websites, the proper way to do keyword research, the basics of buying and setting up a domain, building backlinks, customizing your website, and how to create quality content for your readers.

This may all sound foreign to a complete beginner, however, after going through this step by step course, you should be a seasoned pro on the topics.

My Online Business Strategy Isn’t Perfect
Now, in all honestly, the methods you learn with this system are very good and very detailed and are what I’d recommend for any beginner to internet marketing or anyone wanting to start an online business. However, and this is my own personal opinion, I believe after you learn a thing or two about the internet business and internet marketing industry there are some things that are just going to work better for you than what the guru’s are going to teach you.

For instance, Gary teaches about On-Page SEO, which is a very good way to get free traffic, however, there are other extra things I like to include to my On-Page SEO, like having secondary and tertiary keywords in H2 and H3 tags. Of course, the extra steps I like to take that I have learned from other systems I feel do not necessarily need to be applied when using M.O.B.S., however, they’re just something extra I thought I’d mention from my experience. Personally, if the only complaint I have about the system is the creators SEO practices, I’d say the system is worth trying.

So, are seriously ready to take the next step and start your own online business right now? Are you ready to stop working for someone else and start doing what you want to do on your own time? If you’ve answered yes to either of those questions, there’s no better time than now to get started.